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MOON RIVER MARINE owner is rude, vulgar & dangerous

The Moon River Marine ‘water taxi’ swamped my boat 3 times on Labour Day weekend 2011. When I went in to ask the owner to have his drivers slow down in the channel we were camping (in Massasauga PROVINCIAL PARK),I was told “no, it’s a channel, we don’t have to slow down”. When I asked that he have consideration and respect for boaters, I was told to “get the f*** out of my store”, “we don’t need shmucks like you around here”, “get off my property and don’t come back”, and a whole lot more.

The problem is that their boats cause a massive wake that can do lots of damage. See a pic of the boat here: Moon River Marine water taxi

One day someone is going to get knocked out of their boat or canoe and hit their head on the rocks, or drown, or get pinned between their boat and the rocks and be crushed… not to mention that many people bring their children on camping trips and they swim in the channel with the boat flying by 50 ft from shore.

If you ever visit their business (please don’t) please ask them to drive slowly and with care through the various channels in the park.



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