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seniors v/s technology (note; new or old)

I guess I will start by saying what’s this bar above with all these icons ? Actually that is exactly my point, unless you come out of a clerical/commercial environment where a computer was one of your daily tools, then you will stay in the dark when it comes to communicating either with the computer,cell phones, blackberry, iphones, etc., etc. To give you an example, I am part of an organization (CAW Retirees), in our local Chapter we have over 300 members, only 60 odd have access to a computer, hard to believe. Not really, as I said earlier if you were not raised in that environment there is less likely the chance you will take it on as a new challenge when you retire. Remember all your working life you were involved in everyday hassles. The mindset generally when you retire, why do I want to get involved with this new hassle when the wife, children, grandchildren will keep me posted on what’s going on ? You have probably realized by now when I refer too hassle, I am referring to keeping up with the technology to communicate using any of these ventures. When you talk to others in the retirement bracket that are non frequent users or non users the story is pretty general, they are afraid of the technology, afraid of looking stupid rather than getting involved. Now ask yourself you frequent users, do you get somewhat annoyed when a non frequent user interupts your hectic day for clarrification on some of the basics of computer use. Seen it while I was working, see it in retirement, just remember, most users frequent users (ages 5-55 yrs.) you were brought up in that era, even computer classes can be a similar hassle. And by the way, as a non frequent user I had difficulty manouvering around this site, as simple as it may be for others.                   Note; what a golden opportunity for some programmer to simplify things for that audience.


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“seniors v/s technology (note; new or old)”

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    Get with the program, learning is fun. New makes your brain young. I know people like you who don’t try.

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