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I hate the traffic on Hwy 404!

I’ve been traveling this highway every work day for the past 19 years from Newmarket to 401 (man, that’s sad!) and every year it just gets worse and worse, no matter how many lanes there are. Even now with the HOV lane, it’s still BRUTAL! Each year, I look so forward to when school is out so I get at least a couple of months of decent travel without having burning quads from clutching the whole way down. Not to mention whiplash from the constant ramming on of the brakes when some dude is off to the side of the road changing his tire and every idiot decides they want to watch. Then I dread September when even MORE students are on the road and have no clue how to drive.

Solution? How about increasing the number and frequency of GO Trains from Newmarket from just TWO per day? How about increasing the number of routes the GO Train takes from Newmarket, from only ONE that goes to Union Station to possibly extending the Richmond Hill Line to Newmarket? That way some of us could have a choice to leave the car at home since this line pretty much runs along side the 404 anyway! Because seriously, if I drove to the Richmond Hill Line, then took the train to my stop at Oriole (which I’d only need to walk a couple blocks to the office), it would take me just as long since the traffic on the way to the Richmond Hill line SUCKS TOO!

If developers/government insist on building on every last scrap of farm land up here, and expect everyone to have a job somewhere, they’d better get off their asses and start increasing the infrastructure. Wake up and get with it. Why is it that so many other cities around the world have far superior public transit and we’re still stuck in the dark ages?


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“I hate the traffic on Hwy 404!”

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    Quit yer whinin’!!! It’s people like you who follow too closely, usually with road rage and cause accidents!

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