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Anvil: The Movie – Greatest Rockumentary Ever Made

I was at Blockbuster yesterday (Canadian Thanksgiving), looking for a vid to watch & chill with my girlfriend, Laura. While perusing the racks of Hollywood BS, there was one simple cover that caught my eye – it was “Anvil: The Story of Anvil”. It was a plain white cover with two seriously crazy looking old over-50 metal-rocker type f***ers on it – one of them just starring at you crossarmed with a blank moronic stare, and the other, completely naked with a “Flyin’ V” guitar hiding his privates, while seemingly wailing an obnoxious a heavy-metal inspired scream from his knarly-toothed yapper. Not being much of a metal-rocker fan, I’d heard of Anvil in my high-school days, and recently in a “Crusty Demons” dirt-bike video with the early Metal Rock anthem “Metal on Metal”, but just from the cover – I HAD TO see this movie.

When I showed Laura (whom I’d just bought a guitar for her birthday) what movies I got, she (of course) was somewhat disgusted by the cover and said she’d watch it – but if the movie sucked we’d take it off and watch one of the others. The movie started, and we were immediately entranced…

Emotional, Outrageous, Heart-Wrenching, Hilarious, Disgusting, Tear-Jerking, but most of all… Inspiring. A MUST SEE for all musicians, dreamers and the downtrodden!

We are so glad, and honoured to have seen this moving story. I’m going out to buy the video, the new CD, t-shirts and anything else Anvil had to offer. This movie could change your life. “Lips”, the lead of Anvil, is the most unpretentious, sweet, moral, funny, endearing people you’ll ever get to watch on the big screen. This movie was not only a treat to watch, but a lesson in humility, perseverance, and love. Go get it tonight – and I dare you not to cry.

YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS MOVIE. Here’s the trailer:


See more at their websites: www.anvilthemovie.com and www.anvilmetal.com.


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