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My Secret Backyard

The ambience of my backyard is serenity surrounded in privacy.  My backyard is a true getaway and few know about. When you see it from inside the house or the deck there is something new to look at each morning.  Flowers are constantly in bloom throughout the growing season.  In the spring it starts off with dark pink tulips, purple allium and purple iris, bright strong-orange poppies to vivid two-toned orange lillies, white hydrangeas at the end of August.  We have a tree that no one can identify.  It presents itself differently each season.  In winter there are pussywillow-like pods, in the spring delicate little white flowers, in the summer huge interesting shaped leaves, and in the fall the leaves turn to fall colours.  When we first moved into our home it was about four feet high and now eight years later is about twelve feet high.  It  has an exotic and  mesmerizing shape.  Each plant in my backyard is being closely observed all day every day.  There are other interesting things in our hidden garden.  One of them is a rustic shed with a windy face hung at the top of the roof line and a weathered wooden gazebo with grapevine and a wild vine that won’t behave.  We have a vegetable garden too and must confess it has grown high and healthy  but bears no fruit.  Everyone in Ontario has the same problem this year 2009 – a lot of rain and barely any sun.   I am most thankful for my garden.  Thank you Frank for keeping it beautiful.


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