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MOON RIVER MARINE owner is rude, vulgar & dangerous

The Moon River Marine ‘water taxi’ swamped my boat 3 times on Labour Day weekend 2011. When I went in to ask the owner to have his drivers slow down in the channel we were camping (in Massasauga PROVINCIAL PARK),I was told “no, it’s a channel, we don’t have to slow down”. When I asked [...]

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Poor manners

The View tv show. Elizabeth should stay home. While she was gone the program was easy to listen to, educational, enjoyable, entertaining but now there are three of four people talking over each other again which is super annoying to the point where I switch channels. You can’t hear clearly what is being said. Whoopi [...]

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I hate the traffic on Hwy 404!

I’ve been traveling this highway every work day for the past 19 years from Newmarket to 401 (man, that’s sad!) and every year it just gets worse and worse, no matter how many lanes there are. Even now with the HOV lane, it’s still BRUTAL! Each year, I look so forward to when school is [...]

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