Why join hypergripe

Share your opinion – it’s what the internet was made for.

Facebook badFirstly, this IS NOT a place to share your vacation pictures, who you had dinner with, your new kid’s baby pictures, how many days till your trip, birthday wishes with friends, or any of that other stuff.

This IS NOT Facebook.

This IS NOT a place to share your personal life.

hypergripe goodThis IS the place to; share your opinion (a hype or a gripe) about where you stayed on your vacation, share your opinion about the restaurant where you had dinner last night, share your opinion about the doctor who delivered your baby, share your opinion about the website you found a deal on your trip, share your opinion about gift ideas for friends, and stuff like that.

Share your OPINION, not your personal life.

So Why Join?

Because sharing your opinion – and when necessary, the facts – will be helping others, and when others share their opinions and facts, it will be helping you.

Someone looking for a great vacation spot will read your hype or gripe, and decide if they want to stay there too.

You may be looking for info on a new local restaurant, and by reading someone’s hype or gripe, decide if it’s the place for you to dine.

An expectant mother looking for a new doctor will read your hype or gripe, and decide if that doctor is right for her.

While looking for a great deal on a trip you read someone’s hype or gripe, and decide if it’s worth your hard-earned money.

Someone looking for birthday gifts will read your hype or gripe, and decide if the gift they had in mind is perfect, or a bad idea.

So Why Join?

Because you’ll be helping people, and they’ll be helping you, and the world will become a better place.

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